Day 36, Sun., Feb. 10, 2013 ~ Wellington, NZ


IMG_1289 Stitch

     I was up early and took this photo from deck 6 forward and went to the Lido for coffee to wait for Ray.  I gave him a chance to sleep in as we had no special plans.  We then took the shuttle into town.  We walked along Lambton Quay towards Lambton Harbor.  Some stores were open, but not all.  It is fun to see what the shops have.

IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1307 IMG_1310

     We ended up at Frank Kitts Park and the locals were out enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It is a shame the Amsterdam can’t dock at Queens Wharf.  We relaxed onboard for the rest of the Amsterdam.  I worked on pictures, my blog and reading and Ray is working on his iPad.  I did a little quilling, but not much.

     The ship is having a New Zealand Food & Wine Festival on the Lido deck at dinnertime, but we ate in the dining room.

IMG_1350 IMG_1368

IMG_1348 IMG_1357

     The entertainment tonight was Black Tie, a group of 4 that we’ve seen before.   It is 2 brothers and their wives.  The men sing opera style and the wives play piano and cello.

“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.”  ~  Lin Yutang

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