Day 41, Fri., Feb. 15, 2013 – Sydney, Australia

     I woke up just as we were getting close to the Opera House.  We docked in Darling Harbor this year.  The photo below shows the sunrise just after we went under the bridge at 6:30 in the morning.


     We signed up with Louise from Cruise Critics and had a lovely tour to the Blue Mountains for just $75. each.  Louise booked it with Oz Trails,  Gerard was our guide.  There were just 20 of us in the group.  He said the Blue Mountains was like our Grand Canyon, but a lot older.  We headed west to reach them.  The views were beautiful.  Our first stop was Flat Rock.  Gerard told us some legends and played the didgeridoo.

IMG_2220 StitchIMG_2223 IMG_2233

     Our next stop was the Wentworth Falls, but it had 200 steps down to reach them, which means 200 steps back up.  We looked at them from above.  We then had lunch on our own in Leura and we had Chinese Food to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

IMG_2252 (2) IMG_2266

We then went to Scenic World which was an option we took.  First we took the Scenic Skyway, 270 meters above the valley, which is the highest cable car in Australia.  Our guide met us at the end and gave us our tickets for the Scenic Cableway which holds 84 people and is Australia’s biggest cable car.  The Railway is not working, so we also rode the Cableway back to the top.  There is a boardwalk which you can walk at the bottom.  Gerald explained things and also had bird calls for us to listen to.  In the first picture you can see the 3 Sisters.

IMG_1423 IMG_1436IMG_1457 IMG_1466

This is a temperate rain forest.  The tour ended with a ferry ride and a long walk back to the ship.

IMG_1519 IMG_1515

     We got back too late for dinner in the dining room so we had to eat in the Lido.  Why people choose to eat up there all the time is beyond me.  Maybe it is not always that crowded and noisy.  I guess we are spoiled with the service in the dining room.

     There was no live entertainment tonight, only movies.  I went to see “Strictly Ballroom”  in the Queen’s Lounge and Ray went to the Wajang Theater to see “The Cup”.  It was a great day – it rained before we got off the ship, rained while we were in the bus on the road and the rest of the day was great!

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”  ~  John Updike

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