Day 42, Fri., Feb. 15, 2013–Sydney, Australia

     We took the shuttle over to the Marriott on Pitt St. and headed for the Apple store.  We ran into Bonnie and Rich in their store.  They had plenty of staff to help with questions.  We got some info and used their Wi-Fi because it started to rain.  Had some more questions answered while doing emails.  We then headed around the corner to York St. for the craft stores.  The first was Eckersley, 93 York St. where I bought a Water Brush, fine tip for AU$7.95 or $8.36.  Across the street was Lincraft at 68 York St.  Lincraft is more like a Joann’s or Michael’s.  They had quilling paper, but not brown.  I did buy fabric ribbon to knit a ruffle scarf.  That was AU$19.99 or $22.16.  They do not seem to bother with pennies in NZ or Australia.  They just round it off.  We then headed back towards the shuttle.  We saw the Queen Victoria Building.  We went through the Strand Arcade and they set up tables in the middle and people were eating.

IMG_1527 StitchIMG_1533

We had a glimpse of the Sydney Tower and headed down Pitt St.   Just as we got off the shuttle it started to rain again.  Great timing!


Who knows, this might be our last trip to Sydney.  Sad smile  Some new passengers got on board in Sydney.  Our entertainment tonight was Flautist Simeon Wood and he was very good. 

“This is the foundation of all.  We are not to imagine or suppose, but to discover, what nature does or may be made to do.”  ~  Francis Bacon

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