Day 46, Wed., Feb. 20, 2013–Adelaide, Australia

     The local Port Authority offered a shuttle service to the Rundell Mall, which took about 20 minutes each way.  We had a tour planned with Karen from Cruise Critics.  Ray had a pain in his right side that kept him up all night.  The Dr. was in at 8 am, so he went to see him.  The doc gave him some milk of magnesia but wanted him to go get an ultrasound.  He waited for the m o m to work, but it didn’t help.  We cancelled the tour and got a prescription to go to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  There were no taxis, but the shuttle driver said he would drop us off on his way into town.  It was a nice big hospital.

Queen Elizabeth Hospial, Adelaide, AU

  We went into the Emergency Room, checked in and waited.  I guess we got there about noon.  He finally got a bed, and then finally the ultrasound and then the news that he needed surgery.  He was in some pain, especially after every one kept pushing on his stomach so they gave him some pain tablets.  They gave me a phone so I could phone the port to let the ship know we would be leaving the ship.  The hospital gave me the name of a place across the street, Sutherland Court, where I could get a room.  They forgot to tell me the rest of the name, Retirement Village.  I really had no choice as it was so close.  I gave them my name and they said they would leave the gate open for me.  I took a taxi back to the ship to pack some things and arrived around 7 pm..  I went to the front desk and they told me to come back at 8:30 to see immigration.   I went up to the Lido to eat something and met Bonnie.  The Lido was closed so I had to get something at the Aussie Outback BBQ going on around the pool.

Aussie Outback BBQAussie Outback BBQ

     When I finally left the ship around 9, all taxis were gone so I asked the shuttle driver if he would call one for me.  He remembered me from earlier and then asked the shuttle driver if he would drop me off on his way back with his empty bus.  He did and even dropped me off in front of the hospital.  I started dragging the suitcase with a bag on top of it and some guy offered to help.  My computer is so heavy.  Luckily he worked there because when we went in the main door the office was closed but he checked the computer and found out Ray was still in the ER area and helped me find it.  Ray was still in cubicle 11 waiting for a room. 

     It was after 10 when I finally got to Sutherland Court and the place was dark.  I rang the bell, was admitted and led through a bunch of dark halls to my room.  Breakfast was at 7.  Tired, but could not sleep.  There were a few channels on the TV.  Not the way we thought the day would end.

One Response to “Day 46, Wed., Feb. 20, 2013–Adelaide, Australia”

  1. Mary Clem Says:

    Sue, so sorry to hear about Ray….hope it’s not too serious….maybe appendix or diviticulous…hope everything goes ok….we’ll be praying for you both til we get your next report. Be careful…..Mary & Neil

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