Day 47, Thurs., Feb. 21, 2013–Adelaide, Australia

     We were supposed to be in Penneshow, Kangaroo Island, but we were still in Adelaide.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful yesterday.  I didn’t get to breakfast until 7:20 and had corn flakes, toast and coffee.  There was only one gentleman in the room, many seemed to have trays brought to their rooms.  By the time I finished my coffee, the ladies had most of the dishes washed, dried and put away.  I had to have someone let me back in my room as I still didn’t have a key.  The pictures are of the breakfast room and my room.

Sutherland Court Retirement Village, Breakfast room Sutherland Court Retirement Village, Room 16Sutherland Court Retirement Village, Room 16 Sutherland Court Retirement Village, Room 16

     I went over to the hospital and finally found Ray over in the South wing, floor 2, room 5.1.  Well, he wasn’t in the room yet, he was in the hall waiting for a room.  They had just moved him up from the ER so he didn’t get much sleep again.  He said the pain was down to a 1 from 5-6 yesterday.  When he got to the room it seemed everyone was coming in to see him.  There were a lot of interns.  We found out he was #5 on the emergency list and the surgery should be this afternoon.  I had to go back to the room to check in and get a key and then walk a couple of blocks to the supermarket to buy soap.  They supply nothing.  I was carrying the computer, so I didn’t enjoy the walk.  Went back up to see Ray and he kept trying to sleep so I told him I’d go for lunch and be back.  Lizzie’s Café had Wi-Fi so I sent an updated email, checked on air fares, and had lunch and went back up to see Ray. 

     I just missed him and they said it would be a while so I went back to my room to relax—yeah right.  Luckily I brought the adapter so I charged the computer.  I went back to Ray, but he wasn’t back yet.  Waited a bit and they said it would be longer so I went back to Lizzie’s to eat and use the mini iPad.  I am not good at using it for emails.  Addresses don’t just pop up and I don’t have them memorized.  Got a few out anyway.  Went back up to his room and waited some more.  He finally got to his room at 6:10 pm.  They had to cut him, not just do the laparoscopy, easy way.  He was alert and told the nurses he was good, but kept his finger on the pain button.  Of course he was sleepy so I put his things away and left.  Lizzie’s was closed so I stood outside and sent a couple of emails.  I sure wish this computer was lighter.

     I made my curfew, they lock the gates at 9 pm, but I had to ring the bell to get in.  I got this and yesterday’s blog typed by 10 pm.  A little TV and called it a night.


The ship’s entertainment tonight was David Schofield, a pianist.

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