Day 48, Fri., Feb. 22, 2013–Adelaide, AU

     I was up early, as breakfast is between 7 and 8.  This morning I sat with Murray, the only person in the breakfast room.  I have to admit I have trouble understanding Australian.  I stopped at Lizzie’s to use the Internet before going to see Ray.  I copied messages for him into Word and also copied the bank account so I could fill in the book.  I then went to the ATM. 

     The doctors had made their rounds before I arrived and then a male nurse came to bathe him.  His resting pain was 2-3 and moving 5-6.  He was sleepy so I let him sleep and went back to Lizzie’s.  After a bit the lunch crowd was coming in so I went “home” to charge the computer and have a rest.  There was a movie on about Lucille Ball, then interrupted by the news about the Australian Olympic swimmers.  So much for rest and I headed back to the hospital.

     Ray woke up about 2 minutes after I arrived.  He had sat up for lunch and walked to the bathroom.  I sat and read most of the afternoon as he kept nodding off.  Dinner came around 6 pm and his meal was crumbed fish, potato mashed, mashed pumpkin, white bread, custard and tea.  He ate all but the bread.  He sat for a while, walked to the bathroom and got back in bed.  His room mate offered me his meal as he couldn’t eat.  When I told him that he had meat & vegetable casserole with rice, I think he said ‘roadkill’.  It wasn’t too bad and it sure beat eating another sandwich at Lizzie’s.  I set up Ray’s bed table and headed “home”.  ‘It was only 7:10 and I still had to ring the bell to get in.  Most of the lights were out.

     I washed some clothes and took another ‘shower’.  The water barely comes out.  I can’t wash my hair as I don’t have a dryer or curling iron.  Having a perm, I can’t wash and go.  I turned on the TV and was surprised to see men’s night of American Idol.

     The doctors in the morning will be removing the drain and IV and I think the pain pump in the morning.  (Saturday)  Jason said that if all goes well he should be out on Sunday.  They said they would give us a staple remover for the ship’s doctor to use.  We haven’t talked with the ship yet.

One Response to “Day 48, Fri., Feb. 22, 2013–Adelaide, AU”

  1. Mary Clem Says:

    so glad the surgery is over….as for here, you aren’t missing a thing…cold, raw & rainy for the past couple of days…hoping the sun shines tomorrow…hello & good luck to Ray…Neil & Mary

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