Day 49, Sat., Feb. 23, 2013 ~ Adelaide, Australia

     I’ve noticed a few different things in Australia.  One is that people all walk on the left side of the sidewalk and hallways, just as the cars do.  The entrance door is on the left also.  For information in the hospital you go to Enquiries.  They don’t have handles to flush toilets, they have a double button on top.  The nurses are always busy and they walk quickly in the halls.  It is hard to tell who is who as so many different people come in the room.  One group that comes in the morning is just for pain management.  Everyone has been very helpful.

     I went to Ray’s room first hoping to meet the Dr’s.  They were later this morning so I lucked out.  When I walked in his room, he has the bed near the door, his bed was empty!  He was sitting in the chair having his breakfast.  He looked much better.  He got the paper to choose his meals for Sunday.  Jason was going to give him a shower, but the pain group was on its way so he waited.  The Dr.s came in and said all looked well.  They had to cut instead of keyhole because the gall bladder was inflamed and there were lots of stones.  It sounded like they had a German accent.  They said he could be disconnected from the oxygen, pain and IV if the pain group agreed with the pain.  They did and he was.  He has to keep the drain in another day just in case but they are thinking of letting him go on Monday.  They gave us a staple remover to take to the ship so the ship’s Dr. can remove the staples.  Jason told me I could do it and I said no thanks!

     Jason came back for his shower and I went to Lizzie’s to use the Internet.  I then went home and got directions to take the bus to the mall to get my hair washed, but the bus didn’t run on Sat. or Sun.  She told me to walk to the main road and catch a bus there.  Oh, is it hot!  I had just missed the bus and they run on the hour.  I went in the supermarket and asked the girl if there was a beauty parlor nearby.  She thought there was one across the highway on the same street as the hospital and another lady in line thought so to.  I went to the corner to wait for the light.  The lady that was in line came out of the store and called me over.  She said she was going that way to her Mom’s and would give me a ride to see if it was still there.  I got in the back of her old Citroen and off we went.  Luckily it was in the first block.  She had even said she would drive me to the mall if the salon was closed.  Luckily it was open.  People are so nice in Adelaide!

     The gal in the beauty salon said it would be almost 2 hours and I told her I would just wait if it was okay.  By the time I walked back to the hospital it would almost be time to go back.  It was hot outside!  She got to me sooner as one of her appointments didn’t show up.  It felt so good when she shampooed my hair and gave me a head massage.  She was from Serbia.  The wash and blow dry was AU$28.

     On the way to Ray’s I stopped at Lizzie’s to get a sandwich to go as it was 2pm.  Ray was resting his eyes but woke up when I sat down.  He also took a little walk in the hall.  He had a ham sandwich for lunch.  I ate and he kept falling asleep and I didn’t have my book with me.    Ray said the Nurses call an afternoon nap a “Nananap”.  After a bit I went home to get my book and his iPad.  The door was locked so I had to ring the bell to get in.  I decided to bring Ray’s clothes over that he would need to be released.  I went back and he was still resting his eyes.  We talked a bit, he used the iPad, and I read while he rested his eyes again.  Finally dinner came but he only ate a piece of bread and butter, tea, and a little custard.  He refused the pain tablets and was sitting on the side of the bed.  The guy in the next bed sent over his tray so I had his soup, but his meal was chopped lamb, peas and carrots.  Ray had lamb, gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans but didn’t eat any of it.  The potatoes were good, the lamb not too bad, and the beans mushy.  He walked to the bathroom, I fixed his bed, and he got back in.  Said it didn’t hurt that bad.  He wants to make his walk tomorrow a little longer.  I left around 7 and had to ring the bell to get in.

     I washed out my capris and I sure hope they dry overnight!  Karate Kid is on TV and I am hoping to get a good night’s sleep.  I packed things we wouldn’t need any more.  I can’t wait to get home to  the Amsterdam!

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