Day 50, Sun., Feb. 24, 2013 ~ Adelaide, Australia

     Did not sleep well but made it to breakfast by 7.  Got to Ray around 8 and he had just finished breakfast.  Dr. came in, looked at drain and said he could have that out.  He said we almost could have gone home today but got the okay to be discharged Monday.  When the drain was removed, Ray showered by himself, shaved and got dressed in street clothes (which I had to go across the street and get).

     We walked a bit and then we decided I should go buy the air tickets.  I went to Lizzie’s and got busy.  All done and then on the eticket it said you had to print them and bring them with you.  I explained my dilemma to the owner and he brought me to his office so I could use his computer to log onto AOL, get my email, and then print it.  He would take no money.  The people in Adelaide have all been so nice!

     I went back to Ray and he wasn’t happy.  The Dr. from the ship called and was talking to Ray’s Dr. and said he “would not be comfortable” with Ray on the ship.  He was going to deny us boarding in Perth and said we should go to Bali.  Not only would that mean 5 more nights of lodging, another 3hr 40 min. flight, but we don’t have enough clothes.  Our plan is to still take the flight and show up at the ship and talk with the captain.  If they don’t let us on it means an international flight.  Also, I looked online and there are not many rooms available – it is their summer.  I think they will let us on.  There are only 3 sea days once the ship leaves on Tuesday.

     Lunch came, Ray had ordered an egg sandwich.  We have to say that Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide has been wonderful.  Ray is pleased with his care and everyone that came into his room was pleasant.  Didn’t see a grumpy staff worker at all.  When Jason was going off duty he came in to say good-bye to Ray and wish us well.  I had to pay for my room and get a receipt so I took the computer back to the room.  The lady I had to pay was not available and another lady that lets me in at night say to see her when I came back.

     Back to the hospital and more sitting.  We did take a little walk and I bought some sultanas, (raisins) from the machine near the “lift” and went back to the room.  Time passed and dinner came.  Ray had fish and rice and his room mate gave me his ham quiche.  Poor guy can’t eat.  Ray got ready for bed and I’m back at the Sutherland.  I had to wait a bit for the lady to finish rounds, so I sat in the hall.  A gent sat next to me for a bit and then announced he was going for a “cuppa”.  I am going to miss the expressions we’ve heard.  Ray heard a lot more than I did.  It is almost like being in England, but much sunnier and warmer!

     Hopefully I will sleep better tonight, knowing I have a wake-up call in for 6:30-6:45.  Hope we have a great flight tomorrow and get on the ship.

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