Day 51, Mon., Feb. 25, 2013–Adelaide to Fremantle

     I had a wake-up call for 6:30 and finished packing and made it to breakfast by 7:20 or so.  My tray was ready and the toast was cold.  Murray came in a bit later.  I went over to Ray’s and then his breakfast came.  The Dr.s arrived and started the paperwork to release him.  They needed his bed, so we went to the discharge lounge to wait for papers and pills.  We had a ham and salad sandwich for lunch and then I went to my room to get the luggage and hand in my key and then they brought Ray down to the Enquires Desk so I could meet him.  They had a phone with a direct line to get a taxi and one arrived within minutes.  Luggage in the trunk and off we went, maybe a 15 minute ride.  There were wheelchairs there, so the taxi driver told us to use one.  I know I told Ray I wouldn’t push him, of course I did.  We checked in, they moved up our seat and we got cleared to fly.  Security was a breeze, they didn’t ask for any ID and they pushed Ray through.  There were lots of shops, places to eat and free Wi-Fi.  We had early boarding and a good flight.  We could have had free wine or beer with our dinner, chicken with rice.  Three and a half hours later, but 2 and a half hours earlier we arrived in Perth.  It was about a 40 minute or so ride to the ship.  I almost cried when I saw it.

     Bonnie and Rich were waiting for us and helped me with the luggage.  We went right through security at the ship so went to our room, dropped everything, changed and went to dinner.  I dropped off our passports on the way.  We got hugs and welcome back in the dining room.  While eating our entrée, we were called to the Infirmary.  The Dr. and Captain were there and were not happy with us for returning.  They told us we would have to leave the ship, I asked to sleep here tonight, okay given and then some words were said.  I started to cry from frustration and we left.

     Shortly after returning to the cabin, the Dr. called and said he would check Ray out at 8 am in the morning and make a final decision then and I cried again.  We showered, as our floor would have no water tomorrow from 9 to 3, and went to bed.

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