Day 52, Tues., Feb. 26, 2013–Fremantle, AU

     We had a wake-up call for 7:15 so we wouldn’t be late to see the Dr.  Neither of us had a good night’s sleep.  In the middle of the night Ray moved to the chair as he wasn’t used to a flat bed.  Later in the day I put couch pillows under the head of the mattress to raise it.  I dropped off immigration cards to the desk and then met Ray at the Dr.’s office.  There was a line waiting to get in.

     The Dr. called us in and first thing, Ray apologized to the Dr. for last night.  They checked his vitals and Dr. finally looked at the wound and said it looked good. He said we could stay if Ray signed a release.  We went for breakfast and Dewa was so glad to see us, more hugs.  I piled 3 chair pads on a deck chair and Ray slept for a bit.  The guys were working in the hallway on the water pipes.  I sent out the laundry an email and finished unpacking.  We had a light lunch and went back to the room.  We were called to go to immigration in the Kings Lounge between 3 and 4.  We also had immigration cards to fill out for the Philippines. 

      Ray discovered the rug was wet from them working on the pipes.  We told Dayat and Wayan when we left for dinner.   When we got back from dinner they had a big fan in our room  We went go to the show so we wouldn’t go to bed too early and also to give the rug a chance to dry.  The show was Steve Stevens who did instrumentals, vocals and comedy.  We enjoyed him.  It is so nice to get back to our routine.  We had the fan removed and went to bed.

“If you spend today regretting over something you have done in the past, it is inevitable that one day you’ll regret not making better use of this day.”  ~  Sukhbir S

2 Responses to “Day 52, Tues., Feb. 26, 2013–Fremantle, AU”

  1. Charlotte Galbraith Says:

    So very glad all worked out. Now enjoy the remaining trip. What an experience the two of you had.

  2. Mary Clem Says:

    so glad things are a little more normal…hope Ray is doing better….but he will be very tired for awhile…careful on what he eats…it’s trial and error now.

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