Day 56, Sat., Mar. 2, 2013 – Benoa, Indonesia

     There was a ferry boat in our spot at the dock, so we got in a little over an hour late.  The ship is preparing for a gala Pasar Malam tonight on the Lido deck, so meal times are shorter.


     We got up, had breakfast and then I went ashore looking for Wayan.  It was so hot.  Everyone kept asking me if I wanted a taxi.  I couldn’t find him, came in and cooled off and then went back out.  I was told they would let him through the gates.  We left around 1:15 to get a sandwich.  I ate in the room in case they called from the gangway.  Went out again but at 3 pm it was 90 degrees and high humidity so will wait in the room.  I hope they are okay.  In the picture above, the people selling things are not on port property.  They are behind a fence, sticking their hands through to spread their wares and sell things.  Below is the Terminal.  It is much nicer than Tanah Ampo.

IMG_1653 (2) IMG_1657

     The pool area was closed because they were transforming the area into Pasar Malam, or night market.  It was a fund-raiser for the “Rainbow Foundation” or “Yayasan Sinar Pelangi”.  They brought in lots of palm trees and rice plants, built a bridge over the pool, covered the bears and covered the hot tubs.


IMG_1673 IMG_1675IMG_1674 IMG_1664

     Before dinner, Ronald told us Wayan thought it was tomorrow so we ate in the dining room.  It was hot and crowded in the Lido while we were taking pictures.  We went back to the market and we were watching a puppet show when Ronald told us Wayan was on his way.  By the time they got here, they were not allowed on the ship so we had a short visit in the terminal.  His parents are also not feeling well.  It was good to see him again and Ronald also got off the ship to visit.

IMG_1689 IMG_1692

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  ~  Jimmy Dean

One Response to “Day 56, Sat., Mar. 2, 2013 – Benoa, Indonesia”

  1. Charlotte Galbraith Says:

    Great seeing pictures of the both of you. Looks like Ray lost a few pounds and is looking very well. Have fun. Charlotte

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