Day 60, Wed., Mar. 6, 2013 — At Sea

     Another wonderful day at sea!  We have really had great weather for the most part and smooth sailing.  You tend to forget about the few rough days we had when one good day comes after another.  This is just the best place for Ray to recover, especially for me!  At home I would have to do the food shopping, bag lugging, cleaning, cooking, outside chores and all that normal everyday stuff.  Here on the Amsterdam I can relax also!  Every day is getting better for Ray.  I think the worst spot for healing is where some skin got removed when he took the tape off his dressing.

     We painted a shell in watercolors and finished the Amsterdam iris folding in crafts.  We did the target toss in the Atrium but skipped the golf chipping.  I missed Tom’s class on discovering the Sky Drive.  Will have to catch it another day.

      IMG_1770   IMG_1772

     At noon we were sailing through the Sulu Passage on our way to Puerto Princesa with winds at 20 knots or Force 5 and the air was 82°  and the sea was 84°.  While waiting for the HAL Chorale to begin I worked on my ruffle scarf.  I missed quite a few songs.  We will be performing 2 songs at the end of the Passenger Talent Show on Sunday, March 10.

     The entertainment tonight was Kevin Devane.  It is always good to laugh!  There are always other groups playing throughout the ship.  The Ocean Bar features dance music with The Neptunes and Serendipity plays dance music in the Crow’s Nest.  Debby Bacon is in the Piano Bar playing favorites and requests and Adagio is in the Explorer’s Lounge and Dining Room with classics.

“What comes from bubbles will disappear in bubbles.  Easy come, easy go.”  ~  Philippine Proverb

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