Day 61, Thurs., March 7 2013 – Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Puerto PrincesaIMG_2364

     This is a new port for HAL and I think they will go back.  There was entertainment for us as we sailed in.   Those that went on shore excursions liked them and said the town was very clean.  The vans used for tours were small and hard to get in and out of and we had decided to cancel ours before Ray’s surgery and were glad that we had.  We did go to the pier and bought a few things.  Items were not expensive and some sold for too little.  I bought two pairs of earrings for $1.  They did take US money.  I went up to the pool and got in it, even though it was a bit cool.  Only stayed about an hour and did get some sunburn.  I finished another book.  We had another farewell show when we were leaving.  I think they want some cruise business!

The kids playing the violins played about 10 songs!  We had a great dinner and I picked up another book in the library.  The entertainment tonight was Radim Zenkl, the US National Mandolin Champion.  He also played the flute and did some comedy.  He was born in the Czech Republic.  He was very good.  I stayed up late and finished the new book I took out of the library.

“You can observe a lot by watching.”  ~  Yogi Berra

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