Day 65, Mon., March 11, 2013 — Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region People’s Republic of China


     We didn’t take a tour but went shopping for eyeglasses.  We ended up buying titanium frames from Stanley at Whittle Optical Co. in the Star Building.  They will be ready tomorrow at 4.  We then took a walk over to Nathan St., looking for the jewelry store we shopped at in 2011.  They had moved, but we found them!  There were men all over the streets trying to sell you fake watches or suits.  It is easy walking around, but it was Ray’s first day out so we didn’t stay long.

ChungKing House De Luxe Hotel IMG_4213 IMG_1883

  These 3 pictures were taken of the same hotel.  The first one in 2007, the second in 2011 and the last in 2013.  They cleaned up the front of it and it looked much nicer.  It is a very lively, crowded city.

     We tried to find a restaurant for lunch, but could not find one with food we could recognize.  Some of the items we found on menus were:  preserved egg & ginger, poached pig’s kidney & liver, pig’s knuckle & ginger w/ eggs in sweetened vinegar, shark’s fin items, pan fried fish head w/ ginger & spring onion and so on.  We ate on the ship.

     The entertainment tonight was the movie, “Life of Pi” in the Queen’s Lounge.  It was good, but hard to understand some of the conversations as it was not loud enough.  Earlier in the day we received 2 pieces of luggage, 20” x 11” x 12” with wheels and a handle.  They are kind of heavy, but very nice.


“I don’t pretend to understand the Universe – it’s a great deal bigger than I am.”  ~ Thomas Carlyle

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