Day 75, Thurs., March 21, 2013 — Phuket, Thailand


     Another new port and ship’s tour today.  We decided to go on an elephant safari tour, 3 1/2 hours, $134.95 each.  Luckily it did not leave until 10:15 am so we had a chance to shop on the pier early, while there was still some shade.  Today was a hot and humid day!  We traveled by motor coach and an open-air truck to get to the Chalong Highlands Siam Safari elephant camp.  They were extremely busy, but very organized.  We first tasted coconut pancakes IMG_2225 and watched a water buffalo plow a field.


I then took a ride in a wagon pulled by the water buffalo. IMG_2229 We saw rice growing and what they do to rice so they can eat it.  We were shown how to open a coconut and shred the coconut.  Another area showed us how to make Jungle Curry.  Ray tried it with rice, but I declined.  IMG_2251 (2) 


     We then took a 30 minute ride on an elephant.  At one point our seat started to slip and I had to adjust where I was sitting on the bench.  It was not a comfortable ride.  The mahout had a better seat on his head.  He slid off to take this picture and then climbed up using the elephant’s trunk.

     There was a little gift shop at the end of the ride, and then we walked over to an area to watch a little elephant show where the picked up things with their trunk, painted on an easel, kicked balls, and put a hat on a mahout.  The others then walked down a trail to see how rubber trees are tapped to produce natural latex.  We stayed and watched the elephants eating.  It was amazing to watch her eat an apple, throw away the core and pick up a little piece that she dropped.  We climbed back into the wagon on the back of the trailer to the entrance of the site, get in the open trucks and back to the bus.  A great tour!

IMG_2205 IMG_2208IMG_2212 IMG_2214

    After dinner the new singers and dancers performed “Atlantic Crossing”.  One of the singers looked very familiar to me.  They were very good.

“Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.”  ~  Jacob Bronowski

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