Day 78, Sun., March 24, 2013 — Colombo, Sri Lanka


    Ray was supposed to play golf today with Rich, but had to cancel due to his surgery.  As it turned out, the golf course gave them a late tee time and they only got in 12 holes before they had to leave.  Rich said by the second hole everyone was soaked as it was so hot and humid. 

     There were dancers and an elephant on the pier when we docked.

20130324101127(2) 20130324101225(2)

     Bonnie and I took a ship’s tour to see the old and new of Colombo.  It turned out to be a drive-by with 3 stops.  Here are some photos that I took.

      Ray had a chance to go on the pier and browse through the stalls.  When I got back from the tour I didn’t have the energy to go look.  I should have looked.  I found out they had t-shirts with elephants on them made with cut-outs.  Now I will have to try to make one on my own.

     After dinner the entertainment was Mariusz, playing classical and rock hits on the electric cello.  He was very good. 

     The clocks were set back 30 minutes tonight.

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