Day 79, Mon., March 25, 2013 ~ Indian Ocean

     Yesterday we received a letter from the Captain about “Piracy” as we are sailing on the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.  As we can travel fast, the likelihood of us being attacked is extremely low.  We are being tracked by UKMTO, a close radar watch is kept on the Bridge, extra security guards, we have 4 LRAD’s, charged water hoses are ready for use on deck 3 and there is razor wire on deck 3.  For our first time, we had a “Pirate Drill” this morning.  Everyone was asked to move out of your staterooms and outside decks and to stay in corridors or interior spaces.  We were asked to sit down in case the Captain had to heel the ship, which might make you fall over.  All went well with the drill.  The pictures show the razor wire on the ship.


     We finished our flower and worked on an elephant in water colors.  Ladder ball was the event for the morning.  We started an egg in crafts.  I finished another book today.

     The show tonight was comedian Jeff Burghart.  His show was only 35 minutes long.

     Clocks went back one hour tonight.


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