Day 84, Sat., March 30, 2013 — Nosy Be, Madagascar


IMG_2606 Stitch

IMG_2606 (2)

  This is a new port for us and it is a tender port.  The tenders took us to a pier just behind the larger boat in the photo on the left.  We took a tour today, so when we reached the pier, we found our guide for number 11.  There were 10 of us in the group and then we had to climb over the front of small boats for our ride to Nosy Komba, Isle of Lemurs.  Getting into the boat was difficult for all of us.  IMG_2518

  Our driver loved to go fast and we passed a few boats on the 25 minute ride to the island.  When we arrived, we had to take off our shoes and socks as we had to get off in the water and wade in.  The water was very warm.  The sand was very sticky.  Luckily Rich had a towel that we borrowed.  We then started our walk through the village of Ampanngoriana on the way to the Black Lemur Sanctuary.  We saw lemurs, a tortoise, a snake, and chameleons.  Many of the women painted their faces.  There was one community TV hut.  Salkalava women had their embroidered tablecloths for sale.  The children played instruments and danced.  It was very hot as you can see in the picture of the two of us.

     We had a drink on the beach before heading back to the ship.  For the return ride, we left our shoes on while we waded to the boat and climbed in.  On the way back our driver passed four other boats.  In the picture below, we went to the left side of the island in the middle.

IMG_2622 Stitch

     When we returned to the pier, we again had to climb over the front of the boat to the pier.  It was an adventure!  When we got back to the ship I took the above picture.  IMG_2629There were also small boats all around the ship waiting for passengers to throw things to them and a few were selling things. 

     We got together our clothes and put them out for the laundry, rinsed out our shoes and hope they dry by South Africa.

     Our entertainment tonight was John Martin.  He is the world record holder for non-stop joke telling; 101 hours, 39 minutes.  He was pretty good.

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads.  Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”  ~  Rosalia de Castro

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