Day 85, Sun., March 31, 2013 — Happy Easter at sea

     The Lido was decorated for Easter and our cabin stewards left us each a box of candy and Steiff rabbit from the staff and crew. 

IMG_2645 IMG_2644

IMG_2648 - Copy IMG_2650

We started a zebra in water color class.  I made the yellow egg the other day in crafts.  There was an Easter egg scavenger hunt and and Easter bonnet fashion show and competition.  We went to see a rehearsal for tonight’s show, but decided we would go to the show anyway.  We had a nice lunch consisting of a ham sandwich.  We will be missing the Easter dinner being served in the dining room as we will be in the Pinnacle at the Captain’s dinner.  I had my hair cut and styled this afternoon.

     As we were getting ready for dinner, we were delivered a drink from the Pinnacle Grill.  It was green and I could not quite understand the steward when I asked him what it was.  I thought he said kiwi, but it tasted more like cucumber.  We didn’t like it.  The dress was formal and the cocktail party was held in the Wajang Theater, which was really a bit too small.  We then went to the Pinnacle Grill for dinner and Henk Mensink sat at our table.  This was the menu:


This is how they presented the desert.  They replaced the ganache with chocolate eggs.  The picture on the right was our gift.  We each received a napkin holder and vase.  I’m going to see if I could buy more napkin holders.


     We had about an hour before the late show started, so I worked on a scarf.  The show was “Sessions” featuring the Amsterdam Singers and the Amsterdam Orchestra.

The clocks were set back one hour tonight.

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