Day 88, Wed., April 3, 2013 –- Richards Bay, South Africa


     We had an early wake-up call so we could put last minute things in the suitcase and then went for breakfast and waited for our turn for immigration.  Immigration was taking longer than expected and our number was 20 so we went up when they were on 15.  Your passport had to get checked 3 times.  We met with Bonnie and Rich and went out to meet Tim Brown.  The rain was on and off, so I grabbed my raincoat at the last minute  –  excellent choice.

     Tim Brown from Tim Brown Tours was waiting for us at the gangway.  If anyone is coming to the Durban area and needs an excellent guide, Tim is your man. or  He loves his job and was able to answer all our questions and has an excellent eye for spotting wild life.

     Our first stop was to the Dumazulu Village.  A family actually lives here and they open their property to tourists to make some money.  To get in, you have to ask certain questions and then the drummer announces you, and a drummer answers from inside the compound.  I found it similar to the Maori.  The men rule here and go first.  Once inside we saw how they made spears, their shields, beading, medicine man, and inside of their building.  The buildings are round because they think evil spirits would be in the corners.  Men go first into the hut to make sure it is safe, and go to the right side.  Women may then enter and go to the left.  Leaving, men go first to make sure it is safe outside for the women.  They may have more than one wife at a cost of 11 cows.  I’m sorry the pictures in the album are not in order, but I don’t know how to fix that.

     Next we drove to Hluhluwe (Shlushluwe) Umfolozi Park where we had reservations to stay at the Hilltop Resort.  This park is the oldest park in South Africa and is all natural.  It has 96,00 hectares for both.  They do not feed or tend to injured animals, just let nature take its course.  It was raining on and off so I am very happy we decided to tour with Tim in his van.  With just the five of us, we had plenty of room to move about for pictures.  On the way to the lodge we saw a wart hog, impala, nyala, lioness, water buck and cape buffalo.  While having lunch we saw vervet monkeys.  We checked into our rooms and then went back out.  We then added elephant and giraffe to our list.

     It was dark by 6 and anyway you had to be back at the resort before they close the gate.  We then had a buffet dinner and went to our rooms.  You can see the pictures in the above album.  They did have a TV and an electric pot to heat water for coffee or tea.  They were a little chilly as we didn’t have heat.  They did not have a phone or alarm clock, so Tim will come knock on our doors in the morning.  We were in cabin 6.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.  ~  Nelson Henderson

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