Day 94, Tues., April 9, 2013 — Cape Town, SA


     I arranged another tour today with Cape Town Day Tours.  It is the Township Tour and this is the tour description:

     “Today we will visit the Townships – a tour that offers you an insight and interaction with different cultures, communities and individuals. Witness everyday life in a harsh environment which tells of the struggles, hopes and achievements. See why 27 April 1994 was such an important day in South Africa (first democratic elections).
We start with a tour of District Six. See the oldest mosque in S.A. District Six was once home to thousands of people of various cultures. We visit Langa, the oldest formal black township in Cape Town, and see the local market, an art & crafts centre, and we visit a traditional healer. Experience the warm hospitality of a local B&B. We visit a crèche offering fun, and a safe haven for the local children. We also visit Bonteheuwel, Nyanga, Crossroads, Khayelitscha, and Gugulethu where we see the Gugulethu Seven Memorial and the Amy Biehl Memorial.”

     Our guide today was Mammkeli, which means welcome.  He was very good and lived in the neighborhood that we toured in Langa.  Our tour was a little different because we wanted to go to the top of Table Mountain that we missed yesterday because of bad weather.  We did go to Table Top at the end of our tour.  Our first stop was a museum where we had an excellent guide telling us about the hardships of Apartheid.


We then walked through the neighborhood, stopping at the craft center, visiting 2 homes, and getting a taste of beer.  Ray was the only one to taste it.  Some of the homes are containers, divided into 2 living quarters.  One woman lived in it with her 3 children and 1 grandchild.  In the other home, called a hostel, there was a bedroom with 3 beds which housed 3 families.  A couple shared a small bed with young children and the other children slept on the floor.  The kitchen is shared and the pictures are below.  The meat is lamb’s heads.  One Rand is about twelve cents.

IMG_3077IMG_3078IMG_3082 StitchIMG_308620130409123222(1)


     We then headed for Table Rock.  There was a little drizzle and it was very windy on the top.  The cable car has a revolving floor so that everyone gets a good view.  It cost R205 round trip.  They are hard to spot, but there is a couple hiking up the mountain in the last picture.  It takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours to hike to the top.

IMG_3111 Stitch


     We had another safety drill today and it should be our last.  We also had to go to Immigration for a face to passport check.  


      Just before we sailed we had a chance to see the Queen Mary II sail into the harbor.

     We had a great three days in Cape Town.  Tomorrow is a sea day to relax.  Sail away was during dinner and we started rocking almost immediately.

     Our entertainment tonight is star of West End musicals “Sunset Boulevard, “Copacabana” and “Evita”,  Petrina Johnson.  The ship was really rocking and while I was reading my book waiting for the show to start, I was falling asleep.  I decided to leave just before the show started and went to bed.  Ray stayed and said she was good.  Maybe she’ll do another show.

     The clocks were set back an hour tonight.

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