Day 95, Wed., April 10, 2013 — At Sea


     It was not rocking as bad this morning but there were barf bags hanging by the elevator.  I finished my giraffe in painting, Ray went to Bocce Ball and we both went to Golf Chipping.


     After lunch Ray entered a slot tournament and I read for a bit in the sun and then in the cabin.

     In crafts we made a pencil holder and I’m also including the Vietnamese book mark we made.  IMG_2666





     The Captain mentioned at dinner that we might have very rough seas as we turned towards Namibia, but we didn’t feel it.  Our entertainment tonight was Pops Mohamed & Friends, a South African multi-instrumentalist.  Pops had 2 friends with him, a sax and bass player.  He played a few old style instruments.  It was like an African jam session.

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make everyday a holiday and celebrate just living!”  ~  Amanda Bradley

One Response to “Day 95, Wed., April 10, 2013 — At Sea”

  1. Mary Clem Says:

    love the are getting very good at it.

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