Day 96, Thurs., April 11, 2013 — Walvis Bay, Namibia


     We had to go through Immigration before we left on Karen’s Cruise Critic tour.  They started about 8:15 am.  We finally got off the ship about 10:00 but had to wait around until all 8 cars showed up and we were assigned cars.  We left a little after 10:30 am.

     This is the description of our tour:  “Travel in Land Rover conversions with a/c on the tallest sand dunes in the world.  We will visit Sandwich Harbour which is a part of the Namib Naukluft Park.  Go to Walvis Bay Lagoon, which is recognized as a wetlands of global significance and where you will see many water birds.  During the excursion we will stop to see plants and small animals.  We will also visit the Saltpans.  If weather and tides allow for it, we will go to the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, where very few people get to go.  The cost is $145. pp including gratuity, lunch, and park fees for 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.”

     The Land Rover we were assigned to was not in the best of conditions.  Half-way through the tour the rotor broke.  Our driver used electrical tape to fix it, but our car returned ahead of the others.  We did get to see thousands of flamingoes and ride the tall Namib Dunes on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.  What a ride!  There were gorgeous sights of the ocean and we even saw dolphins, an ostrich and a spring buck.  They set the lunch table with china and champagne glasses.  They had meat balls, deviled eggs, spring rolls, bread, mushrooms, oysters, fish and a few other things.  It was a good trip, but it was good to get back to the ship.  It was another adventure!

IMG_3180 Stitch


 20130411172537(1)IMG_3164 IMG_3168IMG_3150  IMG_3183 (3) IMG_3179

     I was able to hang on enough to get some videos of riding the dunes and the last picture above shows us just as we are getting to go down to that little patch of green.

     There was a Biergartenfest on the Lido deck for dinner, but we went to the dining room.  They had Namibian beer and a local German band GET2 playing.  We then went to the Queen’s Lounge to watch the movie, Les Misérables.  The man next to me slept through the whole thing, no, it wasn’t Ray.

“Keep smiling; it makes the world wonder what you’re up to.”  ~  Anon

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