Day 99, Sun., April 14, 2013 — At Sea

     Today we started painting the Cape of Good Hope.  I’m not too hopeful it will turn out okay.  I seem to do better at animals.  I went to an Alexandrite seminar and Ray went to target toss.  After lunch I spent some time reading in the sun while Ray entered a slot tournament and then we went to the Filipino Crew Show.  I didn’t bring the camera this time and I should have.  I think this was there best show yet, very organized.


     After dinner our entertainment was a group from Spain, “Kings of Pop, Queens of Soul”.  They were a new act for us and were okay, they worked very hard trying to get the audience with them.

“If you don’t believe that you have a chance . . . why should other people give you one?”  ~  Asheley A


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