Day 101, Tues., April 16, 2013 — At Sea


     I painted a South African Penguin in water colors and we did Zentangle in crafts.  It was a black and white day.

IMG_2680 Zentangle

     We did golf putting and had a relaxing day.  We should have started packing, but didn’t.  Seas have still been very good.  Sat in the sun for a bit, but we are getting near the equator again and the sun is strong.  We were 11 degrees south of the equator and  82 ° at 5 pm.

     After dinner we went to see Phillip Huber and the Huber Marionettes.  We have seen him before.  As usual, he was very good.  He lets you see him pulling the strings.

“If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough to convict you?”  ~  Anon

One Response to “Day 101, Tues., April 16, 2013 — At Sea”

  1. Mary Clem Says:

    hold onto your hat…very windy here today and only mid 60’s…quite a drop from last weeks 80’s… trip.

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