Day 102, Wed., April 17, 2013 — Georgetown, Ascension Island

IMG_2686 - Copy     

     Today we saw Ascension Island, from the ship.  Tenders tried to go ashore, but it was too rough.  The seas weren’t bad, but it was the wind.  The boat with the residents did arrive and they came aboard to sell some souvenirs.  We spent the rest of our British Pounds.  The ship had no tour planned for the day and the Island gave everyone a form that had to be filled out if you wanted to take your own tour which stated that they accepted no liability for any problems.

IMG_3316 Stitch

     The Captain decided to circumnavigate the Island for us so at least we could see it.  The Island is really beautiful.  We also saw some dolphins.

Dolphins IMG_330220130417172645(1) 20130417174521(1)20130417180424(1) 20130417180424(2)

     Dewa gave us some rooster fighting videos but I don’t like watching them.  There were some activities added to the afternoon so I went to crafts and we made a silverware holder.  We packed one suitcase.

     After dinner we went to see Declan Zapala for a classical & percussive guitar concert.  He is an excellent guitarist and we really liked the percussive style.

Clocks are set back one hour tonight.

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