Day 103, Thurs., April 18, 2013 — At Sea


     Today was a very relaxing day!  We painted hibiscus today and I was able to do it in one class!  IMG_2693

     We then went to Tic Tac Putt in the Atrium.  This was team against team, so Ray and I go on separate teams.  His team won, 5-4.  We putt to make tic tac toe in a tape grid on the rug.  If one team’s ball lands in a square, you can steal it if you get your ball in the same square.  There had to be at least 40 people playing.  We had an early lunch.  I went back to the room to do a quilling project.  In crafts we rolled triangular pieces of paper into beads.  I finished mine in the cabin and then put clear nail polish on them.

     There was a 140th Anniversary Celebration Tea Dansant for HAL in the Queen’s Lounge this afternoon.  There was dancing and some stories were read about passengers first trip with HAL.  They had champagne, tea and sweets.

     Bonnie and Rich called to say they weren’t going to dinner so we decided not to go either.  We went up to the Lido Deck and ordered a crispy pizza!  We then went to see the movie, “Man on Ledge”.  We enjoyed it.  We then went to the Queen’s Lounge to see Anne Rayner play the clarinet, flute and sax and Declan Zapala on the guitar again.

Clocks were set ahead 1 hour again tonight.  There was no Internet today, so don’t know when day 102 and 103 will get sent.

One Response to “Day 103, Thurs., April 18, 2013 — At Sea”

  1. Mary Clem Says:

    your hibiscus is beautiful….well done and color is perfect.

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