Day 106, Sun, April 21, 2013 — Fortaleza, Brazil


     The local Port Authority had a complimentary shuttle to the handicraft market in the old prison.  It was about a 30 minute ride.  We passed the beach where in 2009 a policeman motioned for me to put away my camera due to crime.  There were plenty of policeman around the old prison.  Almost every stall had the same items, t-shirts, some jewelry, and beautiful linens with fine embroidery.  Of course we were just below the equator and it was sunny and humid.  The language is Portuguese but some asked if we spoke French.  We shopped a bit and then took the shuttle back to the ship.

IMG_2725 IMG_2735IMG_2739 IMG_2775

     After lunch we did the golf putting in the Atrium.  Sail away was at 3 pm.  After dinner the show was an “Abbacoustic Variety Show”  with the Singers and Dancers.

“Television enables you to be entertained in your home, by people you wouldn’t have in your home.”  ~  David Frost

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