Day 107, Mon., April 22, 2013 — At Sea


     We have now packed two of our large bags.  One of our bags lost a wheel while it was being stored.  I hope they find it and can put it back on.  We did Alizarin Flowers in painting and made our bead earrings to match our necklace.

IMG_2803 IMG_2806

     I’ve been trying to finish up some projects and organize things in the room to make packing easier.  I finished another dish cloth and scarf and I think I will save a dish cloth for our long wait in the airport and plane ride.  We had to hand in a paper to the office letting them know when we wanted to depart the ship and we chose the latest time.   We will take a cab to the airport.

     The show tonight was the Amsterdam Orchestra with “Noteworthy Nuances”.  Each band member was spotlighted.

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