Day 110, Thurs., April 25, 2013 — Devil’s Island, French Guiana


     Actually, we did not go to Devil’s Island.  We anchored off Île Royale and we could see Île Ste-Joseph but Île du Diable was hidden behind Île Royale.  The three islands are called Îles du Salut.  The tenders went to Île Royale where there is a hotel, old cell blocks, chapel, hospital and footpaths.  There are no public vehicles on the island.  Ray had decided not to go ashore and I finally decided not to brave the high humidity of 87% and 80 degree heat.  I spent the day doing photos and I finished another scarf.  We could see the International Space Center on the coast of French Guiana. The water was green near the islands, but looks blue in photos.

IMG_2820 Stitch copy IMG_2824 Stitch copy

IMG_2835 International Space Launch

IMG_2817 Stitch

The above photo is French Guiana in the distance.

IMG_2837 IMG_2839

     There was a pool party sail away party and swap meet.  Some passengers tried to sell some ship gifts and souvenirs they decided that they didn’t want.  There was also ice carving.  We left late because they had trouble closing the door where the tenders arrive and depart.  As we were leaving just after dinner, Captain Mercer circled the islands and we finally got a glimpse of Devil’s Island on the right.

IMG_2857IMG_2861 (2)

     There was no show tonight but there was a showing of the movie “Papillon” in the Queen’s Lounge, which was partly filmed on Devil’s Island.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”  ~  Plutarch

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