Day 112, Sat., April 27, 2013 – Castries, St. Lucia

IMG_2891 Stitch


     We had a beautiful day for Castries.  We decided not to tour but just browse through the shops at the dock.  Stores in town closed at noon and you had to take a water taxi to get there.  The jewelry in the shops was just amazing!  Loved them all.  I settled on buying a bracelet that I could take apart and make earrings out of the pieces.

     After lunch there was a folkloric show, “Lime Diamond Steel Orchestra”, in the Queen’s Lounge.    I have a great video of their show.  They played all kinds of music, even a classical piece.

20130427235905 (2)

     Our evening entertainment was Doug Starks, “Mr. Entertainment”.  He had a job in Las Vegas in the Rat Pack doing Sammy Davis, Jr.  He was very good.

“Only he that has travelled the road knows where the holes are deep.”  ~  Chinese Proverb

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