Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – FLL to MYR

     Of course we woke up early today and by 7:45 am we were ready to go but we chose to get off the ship last as our flight does not leave until 8:10 pm.

     Well, it is now 12:45 and we just got through security at FLL,  While we were waiting to get off the ship, we were paged as we had to go through a secondary customs line because we made a purchase in the jewelry shop.  As it turned out, we were supposed to put that purchase on our customs form.  We told the guy we thought it was duty free if it was bought on ship.  It is only sometimes.  He wanted to see the receipt.  Yeah, like I would be able to find it now!  It only listed the jewelry anyway.  Long story short, he let us go through.  It is a good thing we have a late flight.  It is time to go buy a Nathan’s hot dog!

     Our flight home was at 8:10 pm with Spirit and it was a good flight.  The new airport in Myrtle Beach is nice, but a lot more walking.  It took quite a while for the luggage to come out.  Took a taxi home, turned on water and opened the house.  I then had to pack for the NAQG convention as my flight was tomorrow morning.  Finally got to park our heads on our own pillows!  It was a wonderful cruise!

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