June 4, 2014 ~ Paris, France

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We slept pretty good, only waking 3 or 4 times. I thought it was a little warm in the room. We woke to a rainy and very cool day. It was nice to open the door to the balcony to cool off the room. We finally went down to breakfast, 13 Euro each, or $36.46 for both. They made us some scrambled eggs. They also had hard or soft boiled eggs, cereals, fresh juice, toast, rolls, ham, cheese and yogurts. Ray had tea and I had coffee.

We decided to take the bus to the Champs Élysées and walk around and see what we could find. We saw an area on the sidewalk blocked off so we went to see what was going on. A gal told us Rihanna was coming in 4 hours. She is promoting her new perfume. When we walked by 2 hours later the crowd had grown, all standing in the rain. I packed light for this trip and left the umbrella home as they have them on the ship. Ray had his hat and I had my Paris scarf. We looked in a few shops, but it wasn’t that great being in the rain, which started out light and then got heavier. We looking into getting British pounds but couldn’t figure out the rate so we will wait until Southampton airport. We went to McDonald’s so we could sit down, have a soda and fries. The fries did not look at all like the ones we saw last night. We walked down the C E to the Metro. This time we had to change trains and had to walk up many flights of stairs and long walkways. We stopped in a little store for soda to bring to the room. I’m hoping our jackets dry before we have to put them on to go out for dinner. Ray is sleeping.

The sun was out when we woke up and I used the hair dryer to dry our jackets. We left for dinner around 7 and headed for a Chinese Restaurant a couple of blocks from our hotel. We checked out the menu and decided to give it a try. Ray had corn soup, beef with onions, a coke and I had fried shrimp. All was very good and cost $36.07. We had a quick walk in the supermarket across the street. A baguette was $2.52. We went to the pastry shop across the street and bought a Napoleon to share later for $3.50. At 8:45 pm we were back in our room ready to call it a night!

The pictures show a gate on the CE, the sign for Rihanna, 2 in McD’s, 3 of our room and the last 2 of the Chinese Restaurant.

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