June 5, 2014 ~ Paris, France

Thursday, June 5, 2014

We slept in and left after nine for breakfast. We finally decided on a place near the Seine River as we were going on a ride later. Ray had the brunch, which was tea, orange juice, bread, croissant and an omelet. I had the royale omelet. Our bill was 22.50 Euro or $31.56. Although it was still expensive, it was better than the hotel. It seemed to be school trip day where ever we went. We walked along the Seine to get to the Vendettes de Paris. We had coupons from the hotel so it was only 12 Euro instead of 14 Euro each. The ride was $33.69 for both plus a photo for $14.04. It was nice and warm when the sun was out and a great way to get around. We didn’t go past the little Statue of Liberty, however. We decided to go someplace else so we walked until we found a bus stop. We got off at the Madeleine where we stayed our first time in Paris. Wow, has it changed! It seemed so busy and so expensive. We walked around the square and saw some electric cars plugged in but I didn’t get a photo. We got on another bus and went back across the river and got off in Sevres Babylone but did not find a place to eat there either. We took 2 Metros back home to Cambronne.

The steps are a killer! They were really bad at the boat ride, getting down to river level and then getting back up! Ray used his cane, which helped, especially getting a seat on the bus and train! His legs were hurting and so were my knees. Good thing we walked this city when we were young! Speaking of age, my Mom would have been 100 years old today! We walked past the hotel to the bakery we were at last night and bought a sandwich and 2 drinks for $8.98. We ate in the room and had a little nap. We paid our hotel bill and asked for a 5 am wake-up call.

We went to Pizzeria Casa Maria for dinner which was just down on the corner. They had veal with gorgonzola cheese and I tried to ask him if he could replace it with mozzarella and sauce for a veal parm and he said yes. We ended up with saltimbocca, which had ham and mushrooms under the mozzarella. It was very good. Ray had a coke and I had a beer. The bill was 39 Euro or around $28. I packed and we turned in for the night, watching the one English channel available on the TV.

The above photos are sights of Paris from breakfast, our version of a selfie, our river cruise, and bus.  Do you see Ray sitting in the restaurant window?

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