June 6, 2014 ~ France to England

Friday, June 6, 2014

I woke up at 4:45 am which was a good thing as our wake-up call never came. When we turned on the TV, we found out that Queen Elizabeth II was in town yesterday for D-Day and there was a parade on the Champs Elyeses, which we knew nothing about. Our shuttle came at 6:15 am, 15 minutes late. It was a much shorter ride to Orly than to CDG. We were too early to check-in so we had something to eat. Ray had Anglaise abricots and I had Pavot Poulet and 2 drinks for 17 Euro or $24. We checked in and went to wait at the gate. Our Flybe plane was a plane, with propellers! It was a good flight, however.  I love taking pictures out the window of a plane and I was able to get one of the Eiffel Tower!   When we landed we got some British pounds at an ATM machine.  Ray wanted eggs so we ate at the Globe Southampton Landside restaurant in the airport. Ray had scrambled eggs on toast for 5.95 pounds, tea for 2.00 and I had coffee for 2.25 for a total of 10.20 pounds or $17.60. We then arranged for a cab which was 18.50 pounds or $32.

At the Premier Inn, they had computers where you could check in or 2 stands, no desk. We paid 75 pounds for the room and 45.98 pounds for the meal deal for $175. I wanted to use my curling iron which has an European plug, so I used an adaptor I had from 1964. POW! It blew across the room and blew out all the power in the room! I was hoping I didn’t darken the whole floor. I got dressed and called the front desk and someone came up and threw the circuit breakers. My curling iron now had a blackened plug so I asked the gal where I could get one. It was the only one I brought, packing light, as it would work on the ship. It was a short walk to Argos and I bought a new iron. I also had to get conversion plugs as it had a UK plug which would not work on the ship, another $35.

Ray had fried shrimp (excellent) and we both had wonderful fish and chips and Ray had bread pudding for dessert. Back to the room to relax. The items I had hand washed earlier were dry, except for the socks. Of course there was no conversion plug for the UK in my new set, so I can’t charge camera or iPad. Will do that first thing on the ship tomorrow.

These pictures show our plane, the inside, soup, views showing the propeller, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Seine River into English Channel, white cliffs of Dover, and our room and bath.

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