June 8, 2014 ~ At Sea


Sunrise: 4:30 am              Sunset: 9:15 pm

The southern end of the North Sea is as smooth as glass, you don’t even know you are moving! I was up by 7 am and we went to the dining room for breakfast. Our Cruise Critic Connections Party was at 10:15 am in the Cellar Masters room. We met Mary Lou who arranged our tour for St. Petersburg. She had trouble with her knees and told us about getting PRP shots in her knee. She said it took about 6 weeks for it to regenerate, but it worked. She also said to shop for prices as Medicare won’t pay for it. She was quoted $1000 at a clinic and her Dr. charged $175. After they draw your blood, they have to put it in the machine immediately. The Cruise Director and staff members were at the meeting, Mark Zeller, Hotel Director, Konstantinor Karachalios, Staff Captain, Cemal Ozcelik, Food & Beverage Manager and Alana Abrahams, Guest Relations Manager.

We then went up to deck 15 to watch the Hot Glass Show presented by the Corning Museum of Glass. There were 3 presenters that made 4 pieces in the 2 hour show. It was amazing to see what they could do. They will have an auction at the end of the cruise of some of their work and the proceeds go to charity. Because they are hooked up with the museum, they can’t say what a piece would sell for.

We had lunch at the Oceanview Cafe which will take some getting used to.

Ray went to see if he could learn how to use some of the casino tables and I went to a watercolor class with Liz. Celebrity supplied a "kit" which had 6 tubes of paint, 3 brushes, a palette and paper. Liz kept the paper so we wouldn’t use it all before class but we got to keep our kit. We worked on letting the paint run, making a sky with clouds, then painting in a shape on half sheets and then a project on a whole sheet. I know now why my other instructors said to buy good paint. I can now tell the difference. It was a different experience but I will keep on going. I dropped my kit off in the room and then went to the casino to play a little bit because they were giving 5x the points. It was then time to get ready for formal night.

There was quite a mix of dress for the evening from Tux, to suits, sport coats and even saw a gentleman in just a dress shirt. For the women, I didn’t see any gowns but some dressy dresses, long and short, slacks and fancy tops. We received another bottle, this time champagne from Kelly so we brought it to dinner to share. Ray had rack of lamb and I had beef. After we had dessert, our waiter asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday, as he had a little cake. One couple was not there, so they could have been celebrating, but I said it was probably for my birthday but would wait until tomorrow to be sure. The seas were still very calm.

Before the show there was the Captain’s Gala Toast and Captain Dimitrios Manetas from Greece introduced his staff and then proposed the toast. Showtime was "Edge" by the Eclipse singers and dancers. It was a very high energy show and even had aerialists. It was very good. We set our clocks forward one hour tonight.


This group of pictures show areas of the ship, Corning Glass Show, the Captain, the show and towel animal.

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