June 9, 2014 ~ At Sea & Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday, June 9, 2014

At Sea and Copenhagen, Denmark day 1

Sunrise 4;24 am Sunset 9:51 pm

It was smooth sailing through the night. We had breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe. I hope we get used to the layout soon. It is large, so they have more than one station with the same items. We get turned around looking for our table.  We then went to Celebrity Central on 4 for an iLearn Class: Discover the Magic of iPhone and iPad. Celebrity has everything Apple on board while HAL has Microsoft. Michael was very interesting and showed us new gadgets and apps. One app, ‘wordlens’, will translate written word to other languages when you scan it. Also learned that if you want to undo typing, just shake the iPad or iPhone. When taking pictures, always have camera lens in top left corner for best size. If you watch a lot of movies, there is an app called ‘RunPee’ that will let you know when it is the best time to go to the bathroom, and give you a synopsis of what happened during that time. Every day you should check ‘appsgonefree’ and apps that had a charge are now free and you can download them that day only and get them for free. One gadget is a JBL charge which I forget how it works and another is a battery case for an iPhone with a solar panel. Check out apps, ‘goalzero’, ‘citymaps2go’, ‘ElfYourself’, ‘Fatbooth’, ‘DemolitionRock’, ‘ToiletTime’ and ‘Iforce’ which is a magic trick with numbers for $.99. He also showed us a headband that plays music so you can sleep without hearing your partner snoring. We enjoyed that class.

We stayed put because the next class is "How to cook the perfect steak" with Executive Chef Paul Carroll and his assistant. They showed us all the cuts of beef and taught us the ‘rule of thumb’. For a BBQ he said to use rib eye or sirloin because you need some fat in the meat. He also said that when BBQing to rub a little oil on the meat to help caramelize it. He mentioned some marinates and how to use them. You only add salt right before you are ready to cook and a cast iron pan is best. Rest meat 1/3 of the cooking time and then return to pan to reheat the outside. When you shake a pan, it reduces the heat. Always defrost slowly and cook meat at room temperature, remove from refrigerator about 30 minutes before cooking. We didn’t get to taste any of the meat. They also sell a cookbook which is very heavy. If you bring the handout to one of the specialty restaurants you will save 50% off the fee, which is either $45 or $50 per person.

We had lunch in the Oceanview again, but got burgers from the grill. There are only 4 or 5 small tables so we carried them into the Oceanview. We’re still not sure where to find everything. I talked Ray into going to see "Gravity" and while I enjoyed the movie, we weren’t thrilled with the ending. We docked in Copenhagen, Denmark while we were in the movie theater. Today is a holiday so we decided not to go in to town, as we were there before. We went up to the Sky Observation Lounge to see what the dock area looked like. There was a long line of guests waiting for the shuttle bus to take them into town. There were some HOHO busses at the dock. The shuttle bus was $16. pp and the HOHO bus was $29. pp. The last bus from town was 6 pm and it was after 4 pm.

There were only 4 of us for dinner at our table and the dining room was not filled. A lot of guests decided to eat in town. Xavier brought out my birthday cake and we all shared it. The waiters do not get together to sing to you. It was chocolate. Celebrity Showtime featured comedian Jeff Stevenson. We think we saw him on a different ship. He is from London and many of his jokes were made for the British and we didn’t get them all.


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