June 10, 2014 ~ Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunrise 4:27 am        Sunset: 10:00 pm

After a nice leisurely breakfast, we decided not to go ashore. We toured some more of the ship, went to see the pieces made the other day at Corning Glass, and thought we would try putting. There were signs to stay off the grass and wasn’t open until 2 pm and we didn’t see any putters or cups. Later there were some people playing bocce.

IMG_4064  IMG_4065IMG_4066  IMG_4067IMG_4068  IMG_4063

We basically just relaxed. I finished my book. The Captain opened the bow for the sail-away and I got a glimpse of Kronberg Castle when we were leaving. it is also known as Hamlet’s Castle.  I was in the Sky Lounge.

IMG_4072 IMG_4052

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle or Hamlets Castle – immortalized by Shakespeare – is situated at Helsingør or "Elsinore" and built by King Frederik II in 1574-84 (King from 1559-1588 – ruled Denmark and Norway). After the fire in 1629 – his son the great builder among Danish Kings Christian IV (King from 1577-1648 – ruled Denmark and Norway 1588-1648) completed the building of Kronborg Castle in 1638. Kronborg Castle is built on the spit of North Sealand – and placed at the entrance of Øresund – which was the ideal position to collect Sound Duties from ships entering Øresund to secure state taxes and revenues but also as a fortress to defend the Kingdom of Denmark.
The first Castle on the premises was built by the Danish King Erik of Pomerania around 1420. (King of Denmark 1396–1439 and best known as Erik af Pommern). The Castle was named “Krogen” – and was mainly build to gather Sound Tolls from vessels using the waters of Oresund – when passing trough the narrow strait – but also as a Royal residence. King Frederik II started to restore and renovate the buildings to turn the residence into a modern Renaissance castle. Furthermore the castle was rebuilt wit new ramparts and moats together with bastions connecting the entire fortress. When the Castle was completed in 1585 – it was a well-functioning and regular four-wing edifice – and a three story castle – built with yellow sandstone.

 IMG_4084 (2)

Everyone was there for dinner. Kateryna Sychova, a violin virtuoso, entertained us tonight. She was excellent! It is 680 nautical miles to Stockolm, Sweden.

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