June 11, 2014 ~ At Sea

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunrise: 4:35 am Sunset: 9:45 pm

It is so nice not to have a wake-up call and have a leisurely breakfast. We met a couple from Australia and chatted quite a bit. We then went to "How to cook the perfect pasta". It was very interesting and looked so easy. One of the tools he used we sold at a yard sale a couple of years ago. He uses plain OO flour and fresh eggs and a few other things I didn’t write down, so it will only keep a couple of days in the refrigerator. He put flour between the layers after rolling and covered with Saran Wrap to keep from drying out. After cutting they used wire coat hangers to dry them, about 15 or 20 minutes. It will cook in less than 1 minute. For Tortellini they put egg wash on only one side, added a little filling, fold in half and roll around finger and then press together hard. For Penne, egg wash just 1 corner of square and roll from plain corner to egg washed around a floured pen, hence the name. For Ravioli make 2 disks, put on filling (braised beef), egg wash around it and add other disk. You could put egg wash completely on first disk. Press together firmly and cut with scissors around edge to even it out. It looks like it could be fun to make. We skipped putting in the rough to attend.

We had some lunch and then I went to the iLearn class: ‘IOS: The Best Camera Ever’. Richard does not teach per se, but shows and tells you about the features. I am putting my notes from these various classes in these notes so I won’t lose them and it might remind me to use them! We are thinking about getting an iPhone and hooking it up with the iPad. After you turn on iPad or iPhone, if you slide the icon for the camera up you can use the camera right away. You can take pictures using the volume buttons. Once in camera mode, slide your finger to switch to video, photo, or square. He told us square was for the kids. To lighten a photo, tap on a dark area. To darken a photo, tap on a light area. Leave HDR (high dynamic range) off or it will take 3 pictures each time you take one. He showed us how to put the grid on the lens to help take pictures using the rule of third. There is Panoramic on iPhone using up and down. An APP to download free is ‘photosynth’ from Microsoft to make panoramics. If you want to take a picture of moving kids or something that has action, use ‘fastcamera’. It is $.99 and goes free about once a month on ‘AppsGoneFree’. It will take a lot of pictures as fast as your iPhone/iPad allows. You then pick the one you want and delete the rest. Another App is ‘gopro’ to make really neat videos. iMovie is $5. Some gadgets he showed were ROMO, a remote picture robot; ‘powerbank’ which will charge iPad for $30; a cable that will transfer pictures from camera or iPhone to iPad, Apple iPad USB Camera Connection Kit; and if you have an Apple TV, you plug in power and HDMI and it will show your pictures on TV. Typing these out has me confused and I will have to visit an Apple store and check them out.

I did some typing and then went to ‘Watercolor with Liz’. We did a couple of stripes going from light to dark and then worked on painting the Little Mermaid. It was nice of Celebrity to supply the kits, but the paints are not good. It makes me appreciate what I have at home. I then went to the casino because they had another 5X points hour. It was then time to get ready for formal night.

We were all at dinner again and we had Chateaubriand. It was pretty good. Their desserts are not that thrilling, which is a good thing, I guess. We then went to an excellent show with Mike Doyle. He is from Wales and is the complete true-all-round entertainer. He is a singer, comedian, actor, recording artist, TV and Radio presenter and a struggling golfer. We really enjoyed the show. I finished another book  today. It is so nice to be on the ship and not have little things like dusting, vacuuming, shopping, cooking, laundry, yard work, etc. getting in the way of relaxing.

IMG_4090 Xavier


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