June 12, 2014 ~ Stockholm, Sweden

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunrise: 3:33 am Sunset: 10:03 pm

IMG_4092 Stitch

I awoke to hearing that the ship had been cleared by immigration. It was a beautiful morning, but we were docked at the very end of the pier. As we have seen Stockholm, we decided to stay on the ship. We had breakfast and then explored the ship taking some pictures. I gathered my supplies and then we went to the Sky Lounge where I finished my Little Mermaid and Ray used the iPad. He is getting lots of rest on this cruise so far. We have a tour each day for the next 3 days, so hopefully all this rest will help. A couple of groups of locals toured the ship while we were in the lounge.


Before we knew it it was time for lunch. We ended up chatting with a couple next to us from northeastern England. That is one part of cruising we love, talking to others from around the world. The skies turned dark, we saw some lightening and shortly after that it was raining. We took some more pictures and we are in the cabin now while I am typing this, and I think a nap is in our future! I never did get the nap, I was reading. I went up to the Sky Lounge to watch some of the sail-away before dinner. It was very scenic.

After dinner we saw the most amazing show: "Eclipse — The Show", an European-style theatrical circus celebrating the ship with the singers, dancers and specialty acts. I have never seen anything like this on a ship before. They had aerial acts, balancing bodies, trapeze work, sheet flying, loose wire walking, etc. The strength in their bodies was outstanding. I kept thinking, OMG, they have to do this all over again in an hour. They were very lucky we have such smooth sailing; you don’t even know you are on a ship. The music groups all over the ship are very good.

IMG_4168 Stitch

Moonlight Sonata Main Dining Room

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