June 13, 2014 ~ Tallinn, Estonia

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunrise: 4:10 am Sunset 10:38 pm

I just realized that today was Friday the Thirteenth! We had a great day. We had a nice leisurely breakfast again talking with other guests. Unfortunately the weather was not the best today. It was spitting in the morning, then drizzle, then rain, and then cleared up. We were to meet for our tour at 12:45 but there were some shops at the pier so we got off a little after 11 and looked around. They had lots of souvenirs and some food for sale. I took so much time picking out jewelry (Thank You Susie, used your birthday gift money) that we didn’t go into the shops with hand-made woolen and cotton items. Ray noticed that busses were loading and hurried me along. We were on the bus and leaving by 12:30. We took the Panoramic Tallinn tour which lasted about 2 1/4 hours for $48 each. Our guide was okay, but she would point out things right as we got to them and then they were gone. I don’t think my out the window shots will be too good. At the first stop we opted to stay on the bus as it was raining and you had to walk up a hill and then up 15 steps to get into the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. We could see the Tall Hermann Tower from the bus at Toompea Hill. About 6 of us stayed on the bus. We then drove past other sights and stopped at the Song Festival Ground and this time only 6 got off the bus. We drove by the Forest Cemetery and went into Pirita for a scenic view of the Old Town and the ships, but it was foggy. No one got off the bus. We then drove back to the ship. There was free WiFi at the dock but the iPad was on the ship. Estonia invented Skype.

Lunch was over when we returned to the ship and it was tea time. We tried the pizza and it was not good. Ray watched some golf and I napped before dinner.

After dinner the show tonight was Peng Fei Su with contemporary Chinese magic. He did the face changing the first night, the loose wire act last night and magic tonight. He is very talented and did some amazing tricks. He did quite a bit of close-up work with a camera on his hands and you could not figure out how he did it. There was a late night comedy show at 11:30 tonight with Steve Womack, but we have a 6:45 am wake-up call for tomorrow, St. Petersburg.


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