June 14, 2014 ~ St. Petersburg, Russia

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunrise: 4:30 am Sunset: 11:22 pm

It is called the White Night in St. Petersburg now because the sun sets so late. We had a 6:45 am wake-up call and I woke up about 6:35. We had breakfast in the dining room, gathered our things and went to meet Mary Lou for our tour with DenRus. After our AARP discount the tour cost us $381.60 for both of us for a 2-day tour.

Things have changed with Russian customs! The new dock is very nice with lots of booths. The ship cleared around 7 am so when we left at 8:30 there were no lines. You don’t have to fill out an immigration card, they just scan your passport and give you a landing card to carry with you for the day, stamp your book and you are on your way. There is some shopping in the terminal. A sign said fast WiFi, but not free. Our Guide, Elena, was there to meet our small group of eight. It was the perfect size to see the town. We had 8 empty seats on our little van.

This was a tour for those that had already been to St. Petersburg, so we did not return to the Hermitage or Peterhof. We had a city tour with some photo stops. We went inside the Eliseev Delicatessen shop — my, my, what a fancy place! There was a piano playing music, a huge pineapple looking palm tree in the center, stained glass, and many goodies! You could not take pictures unless someone in your group bought something. We went to a little gift shop for a comfort stop and then to the Yusupov Palace and also saw the Rasputin basement. They had so much money and then lost it all during the revolution. We had a brief snack at the Stolle-pie coffee-shop. Ray and I split an egg and onion pirogee and a pepsi for 140 rubles. We then had a chance to ride on their metro. The line we went on was very, very deep. We rode between Admiralteyskaya to Sportivnaya station for 38 R. Just outside there was a park and we went in the Prince-Vladimir Cathedral and then back to the ship. It was just long enough.


We had a hot dog and drink on the ship and then relaxed until it was time for dinner. Many were going on evening tours, so the ship did not have regular shows tonight. There was the game show, ‘Newlywed not so Newlywed’ at 9 and then at 10:30 "Moroshka", a cultural and musical extravaganza featuring "The Stars of St. Petersburg". A troupe of dancers, singers and musicians gave us a sense of Russia. Steve Womack had another late night comedy show for adults only at 11:30 pm. We went to the show but left early. He wasn’t really funny to us, only the Brits. The jokes we did understand we had already heard. We don’t have to meet Mary Lou until 9:15 tomorrow morning.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXlibXIcZpc is a link to see a short piece I videoed of Moroshka.  I could not get the video to upload here.

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