June 16, 2014 ~ At Sea

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunrise: 3:48 am Sunset: 10:37 pm

I could feel the ship last night, but I think it was the speed. The seas are still extremely calm. I was up a little earlier than Ray and went to the Oceanview Cafe for coffee and to read my book and to wait for him. We are getting used to where things are in the cafe and we will be getting off soon. I figured out I have enough clothes left and I won’t have to do any more hand washing on the ship. The cabins have good ventilation and most things dry overnight. We had breakfast and then I went to the Sky Lounge to do some typing and read. I can’t even remember the first 2 books I read as I got them from the library and returned them. Most of their paperbacks are in a foreign language. The 3rd one is The Forgotten Affairs of Youth, set in England. When I finish this one, I will start on one of the 2 I brought from home. I haven’t started my knitting yet and might save it for the flight home.

I tried the Asian area for lunch and it was okay. At 1 pm I went to the iLearn class and it was packed! Richard does give lots of tips, but doesn’t give out notes until the last class. Today I learned that I am using a lot of half lives by charging my iPad too often when it is just under 80% charged. He said that is the magic number. You can charge as often as you like if it above 80%, but it uses a half-life if it is under 80%. So, if it is under 80% you should wait until it is down to 10 – 15%. I learned how to read it easier in daylight by inverting colors, if you turn it on the background goes black.  Use “Invert Colors” (Settings>General>Accessibility).  If you put your iPad in airplane mode and no one can get in it, but you have to turn on wi-fi and Bluetooth each time. Some Bluetooth gadgets: JBL Charge ($150, powerful wireless speaker that charges your gadgets.), Pebble Watch (getpebble.com is $150 –$250, Sphero 2.0 ($120, remote controlled ball, can add a golf app to it or Sharky the Beaver), a headphone that goes around your neck, LG HBS-700 – the best pair of Bluetooth headphones you can buy.   Under ‘General’ you can find out capacity & you should always have a few GB’s free. 1000MB in a GB. You can also find out your serial # and wi-fi address or MAC adress serial # of wifi card (Make a copy by a screen shot in case it is stolen). Other gadgets: Anchor 40Watt 5 port USBHub ($30) – 1 plug to charge 5 things; NERDgasm, 1 cable replaces all cables – 3 cables INNERGIE 3 in 1 charger. I hope he gives us all this written out. There is a case that will charge wirelessly being put it Starbucks and McDonald’s. I think it is a PowerMat for iPhone ($100). "ReFresh Screen Cleaner" is an iPad portable screen cleaner with a built in spray nozzle.

I went up to the room where water colors would be held and started arranging my icons after Richard told me how. In painting we did a kind of weird 4 area painting with 4 styles. One was a flower, overlaping, dots, and negative space. While Liz was on tour yesterday, her husband had his pocket picked and lost his wallet. She was carrying his wallet in her Kevlar purse, he took his wallet to pay for something and then just stuck it in his pocket.

(As a side note, there are some children on board and a few babies. The baby on our floor just went by crying — it is 10:15 pm. It is not the first night I heard him. What are the parents thinking?)

The ship had a big Russian bazaar today — and it was crowded! We made our first purchase today. I traded in the red wine our TA gave us for a Riesling and had to pay $4 more. The bottle we received was $37 on the menu and the one I wanted was $41. It was a good thing only 6 of us were at the table because that emptied the bottle! There was a short talk on Klaipeda before the show and they said there would be a free shuttle to town but the walk was only 800 meters away. We don’t meet our tour until 1:15 pm. Jayne Curry entertained us with her vocals and a few observations on life. She was good, but I think there was too much reverb in her mike. The seas are still very calm and I am going to try to finish my book tonight.

Here are some photos of some of the art on the ship:

IMG_4122 IMG_4123IMG_4130 IMG_4131IMG_4096 IMG_4108IMG_4110 IMG_4128IMG_4127    IMG_4126 IMG_4965 IMG_4964

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