June 17, 2014 ~ Klaipeda, Lithuania

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunrise: 4:51 am Sunset: 10:30 pm

High of 58F and low of 51F, 50% chance of rain

IMG_4655 Stitch

I finished my book last night and got up about an hour earlier than Ray. After breakfast we just made the free shuttle bus into the Old Town. There was a crafts market in the square and we bought a magnet and a piece of driftwood and amber to hang in the front hall. The cobblestones are murder to walk on. We then went to the Information center and got directions to a place that might sell tee-shirts. We found one that Ray liked, but we have to get Lithuania embroidered under the symbol of the Curonian Peninsula. It just started to drizzle a bit and we decided to go back to the ship. We were on the bus and I discovered I did not have my camera. We got off the bus and went back to the last shop, they did not have it and I took everything out of my purse. It was full because I took the iPad, just in case. I then went back to the craft fair to see if I put it down when paying for a purchase. No. Went back to where I left Ray and he had it in his pocket. Back to the ship, had a quick lunch, dry out and then go back out for our tour. I took the iPad out of my purse.

IMG_4663 Stitch

The bus loaded early as it was raining. We drove around town and all my pictures have rain drops on the bus window. We went past the Clock and Watches museum, the Neo-Gothic Post Office, Park of Sculptures and the Soviet WWII memorial. We drove through typical residential areas built in Soviet times. We went back into town and they were going to spend 1/2 hour at the Old Town Market. We told the guide we were going back to the ship on the shuttle. We had to walk a little bit in the rain to get to the shuttle stop and then the sun came out. We missed going to the amber processing factory and a visit to the amber antiques gallery with a taste of amber tea and Lithuanian cake. We got the feeling from the guide that they do not like the Russians. This is the first time the Celebrity Eclipse docked in Klaipeda and is the largest ship they can handle. Everyone in town was friendly but most stalls were selling the same things. They did have a band and singers in the center. We’ll find out at dinner how things went at the beach. We saw people using free WiFi as we were getting on the ship so I went to the cabin and got the iPad. It was so cold then! I just sent a quick email saying all was fine and went back inside.


I brought 2 hot chocolates back to the room to warm us up. We relaxed before dinner and then went downstairs. We have not been too thrilled with the menu selections, they are too fancy and possibly geared to the English. The desserts are not all that thrilling either, which I guess is a good thing. Mary Ann and Allan had a good time at the beach, it only rained when they were in the bus. Tonight’s show was Jon Courtenay, a British showman with comedy and singing along with brilliant piano playing. He was excellent. We then went down to the Grand Foyer for “Dancing with the Officers” which was very funny. Richard the techspert won as he brought silly props and his partner totally went along with him.

I went up to get a glass of iced tea at 10:30 pm and watched the sunset. Usually they come at dinner time and I miss them, or on this cruise I’ve been in the cabin. It was so pretty and I did not have my camera. When I got back to the cabin there was a note from Polish Immigration saying they wanted to stamp all non-European Union passports. I had to go all the way to the back of the ship again to bring them to the desk and then back to the cabin. This means that from the time I left the cabin (near the front elevators) till I returned for the evening, I walked back and forth 6 times. Good thing we get to turn the clocks back one hour tonight. We have a 6:45 am wake-up call.

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