June 20, 2014 ~ At Sea

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunrise: 4:11 am Sunset 9:15 pm

59F Partly Sunny

The captain was right! Boy did we rock last night! It finally felt like we were on a cruise ship. The bathroom door would not stay open and I actually rolled in bed. By morning it was pretty good and kept getting smoother. We slept a little late and got to breakfast around 9. Ray went to the Chefs cooking competition and I went to the cabin to try to nap — didn’t happen. I went upstairs to read while waiting for Ray. I was excited to see beef stroganoff but the meat was tough. It was also tough the day I tried the beef goulash. I had turkey piccata instead and Ray had a hamburger. I went to the iLearn class all about iCloud and still don’t get it. I did get the handout of his notes. The passenger Choir sang and they were very good. I then went to water color where we worked on our old paintings and I tried to do a London skyline. Back to the room to get stuff ready to pack. After dinner our show wasn’t until 9, the farewell show called ‘Voyage to Remember’. We packed some before the show and finished after and got the bags out by 11 pm. We have a 5:15 am wake-up call for tomorrow.

IMG_5024 IMG_5025IMG_5026 IMG_5027

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